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Weekly Specials and Deals Sign Up Form

Use the form below to sign up for Kwanu Online Supermarket’s weekly e-mailer. Be the first to hear about our latest Everyday Low Prices, Specials and Bulk Deals. Here’s to a faster, easier and more convenient way to do your Grocery Shopping. Win back time, save money and do more of the important things in your world.

What our Customers are Saying

Fast and friendly service! The quickest grocery run I have ever done.
Kerri Wolfaardt

Just had my first Kwanu experience. Will Def be back. Friendly guys and so easy. Thanks.
Leigh Bolam

WOW !!! Kwanu is just the most incredible way to shop and has the most user friendly website – they have thought of everything to make shopping easier and then to top it all they definitely have the best pricing in town!! Last night I had a total life transforming moment – sitting at my computer in my PJ’S – normally you see everyone you have ever known when you shoot into the shops in your old tracksuit !!! Did not have to first sanitize my keypad as I would have my trolley. Instead , a nice cup of tea , rain outside, my son (who never likes to shop) was just loving the concept . He ran to the kitchen if I was not sure whether we needed an item – so convenient !! It no longer mattered that I had once again left my bags in the car !! It was so much fun!! The order history means you can save even more time by editing last months list – never mind the shopping list section – how convenient to add as you need instead of a hundred pieces of paper!! Most definitely the only way to shop for groceries – completely amazed at the attention to detail – so the prices are unbeatable, then still further saving on some items and then still further discounts available. My gosh , I saved so much time and money last night and when I collect I will be greeted with such warmth, I might grab a free coffee and head off to do something I enjoy !! Well done to the Kwanu team – you have successfully transformed shopping, made it simple and convenient. I hope everyone gives it a try to experience how exciting it is save time and money at Kwanu.
Abigail de Robillard

At Kwanu Promotional pricing is great!! But what you have to look at is the pricing of the products that are not on promotion as they still make up a significant part of your shopping basket! Here is where Kwanu wins. Would love for Kwanu to be put up against Checkers, Spar, PnP, on a basket of products across the range. My guess is that Kwanu is significantly cheaper!
– Grant Surmon